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If you are looking for a presence in IRAN, look no further.

For more than 10 years, we’ve been representing international companies like yours. 
Novin Asia has long-standing relationships with some of the foremost international organizations. We represent a wide range of industries including personal care, flavor and fragrance, pharmaceutical and fine and specialty chemical manufacturers. Working with these companies has given us substantial experience in handling all kinds of products, from naturals to hazardous materials. 

Novin Asia represents a wide range of diverse businesses.
We have the resources to work with companies in a variety of business segments. Our staff includes business managers and technical and marketing professionals with expertise that’s focused on the business needs of the companies we represent. Over the years, we’ve harnessed a record of exceptional performance with the people who make the purchase decisions at large and mid-size Iranian companies in a broad range of industries. Key to our success is our commitment to on-going communications with the marketing, technical and manufacturing experts at the companies we represent. That’s your assurance that we are truly presenting your unique capabilities to Iranian customers. 

Novin Asia is more than a distributor: we also operate as a sales organization.
Once you enter into an agreement with Novin Asia, you’ll find that we really operate as you would if you had a physical Iran presence. From handling the time-consuming, relationship-building aspects of initial inquiries, to delivering the product, Novin Asia can handle it all. Our state-of-the-art electronic distribution system can accommodate our customer’s hand written orders as well as interface with their web-based ordering systems.

Novin Asia can manage your inventories, too.
A network of reliable warehousing in Tehran is what you can count on when Novin Asia manages your inventory. We assure you that in a timely manner, we can ship your products to Iranian customers wherever they are located. 

Novin Asia is experienced in meeting guidelines set by agencies regulating the import of chemicals and other ingredients to Iran.
Novin Asia’s experience with international companies has resulted in our thorough understanding of government mandates that affect importing products. We’re finely tuned to address the complexities of the most recent legislations. We are knowledgeable about various government agencies, including MOHME, HBI, ISIRI, Iran Customs and Border Protection and other groups that regulate the importation, distribution and sale of products throughout the Iran. We can guide you through the documentation that’s required to import and sell your product in Iran. 

Novin Asia works with both emerging and well-established customers.
We’ve cultivated long-standing relationships with emerging companies as well as with established companies. Novin Asia appreciates the challenges that newer companies must overcome, especially when they are entering the Iranian market for the first time. In many cases, we have designed agreements that are customized to suit specific needs, working out the details to form innovative relationships. You'll find an overview of the companies we represent at www.novinasia.com

Look no further than Novin Asia if you’re looking for a quality relationship that will lead to your profitable presence in the Iranian market. Contact Amir Fazli, President, for more information.