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Founded in 2004 by its President, Eng.Amir Fazli, Novin Asia Corporation offers a wide range of products to the specialty chemical, flavor and fragrance, personal care, food, pharmaceutical, imaging, Household industries, among others.

Novin Asia maintains many domestic and worldwide supplier relationships, enabling the company to provide some of the newest, most technologically advanced solutions in overcoming product development challenges. A Novin Asia team of technical and marketing experts is available to assist customers, starting with the most effective sourcing through manufacturing, warehousing and distribution services across the IRAN. Novin Asia is in a unique position to source both the most sought-after and the most rare specialty chemicals, with the added assurance that these can be supplied at the greatest cost efficiency in the quantity that is required. 

From the very beginning, Novin Asia built a reputation as a leading provider of unique specialty chemicals,  Over the years, the company expanded its capabilities to become a notable provider of high performance ingredients, so that today Novin Asia is recognized as a leading supplier to the personal care, flavor and fragrance, aroma chemical and pharmaceutical industries, as well as being a source for product development, manufacturing, and warehouse/distribution solutions.